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Graphic Design Tools for Backend Engineers

You might think that being a backend engineer means you’ll never have to draw anything more complex than a bunch of boxes connected with arrows (or hexagons if are going all cloud native). This is simply not true, and that’s why you’re here.

At some point you’ll find yourself producing system diagrams, flow-charts, slides, mockups, maybe even icons! So, let me show you some tools and tricks I picked up over the years to fake it at design.

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Using PowerMock + TestNG to Mock a Static Class

 This week I needed to test a class that depended on a method from an static class. I saw we were using PowerMock and thought to myself: “Well this sounds pretty common, I bet it’s easy to accomplish”. But of course I ran into half a dozen issues before I was able to make it work. Here’s my two cents to make your experience easier than mine.

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Android Animations Are Just a Trick

So I was learning to animate Views in Android using this video and was having trouble with the second time the animation runned. First run the objects end up in their destination, second run it was mayhem. I had fallen victim to the great misunderstanding everyone makes about Android animations: they are just a magic trick.

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Value Types the Easy Way

Value types is a fancy name for those classes where you have to implement equals() and hashCode(), and usually toString(). You’ve probably wrote thounsands of those classes, but have you ever wonder why do you have write almost 50 lines of code to express such a common concept?

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Why Was This Blog Created

There are billions of blogs written by more experienced and talented devs, there is and communities for each tool and language ever created, so why bother creating yet another dev blog? Here are the two reasons why I started this blog.

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