Why Was This Blog Created

written in offtopic

There are billions of blogs written by more experienced and talented devs, there is stackoverflow.com and communities for each tool and language ever created, so why bother creating yet another dev blog? Here are the two reasons why I started this blog.

The first reason why I chose to get my hands dirty writing this pages is that I’m like the Memento guy trying to code. Whatever code I’m working on today will seem completely new for me next month. So one day I had an idea, what if I could have a place where I would go back and check my notes and snippets of the things I learned. There’s a phrase that goes: “To know I read, to learn I do, to understand I teach”. So even in theory the process of thinking how to write about something is helping me remember it.

And the second reason is that I’ve been using online resources for so long that I’m starting to feel that it’s affecting my karma for not contributing back. So here are my two cents. Hopefully someone will find it useful.