Book Recommendations: Isomorphic JavaScript Web Development

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I finally got around to finish the new book my friend and colleague @talabes wrote and I think it’s great. Here’s why.

☝That’s me every single time I try to start a simple web project. If you are like me, not a full-time front-end developer, you probably know what I’m talking about (if not check this article and try not to choke on your cereal laughing).

I found Tomas’ book to be the perfect cure against decision paralysis in the world of JavaScript web development. His approach is practical and concise:

“Here’s the stack we are using. This is how you set it up and this is a basic example of what we’re trying to achieve. If you want to go deeper go and read this.”1

From testing and bundling to routing and security this book goes through all the topics a developer needs to know, with easy-to-follow examples and useful tips ”from-the trenches”. It serves as a comprehensive guide, covering all the things we need to consider to get our application up and running.

Finally, I love that the book answers common questions that sometimes other introductory material gloss over. Things like: ”how do I structure my project?” or ”how can I troubleshoot and debug this thing?”.

Curious? Take a quick look:

  1. I’m not actually quoting Tomas, of course